Holy Week Devotionals on YouVersion

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Holy Week Devotionals

If you have a YouVersion account, you already have a Bible (and probably several versions) on your phone, tablet, and/or computer. What you might not have tried yet is one of many devotionals and reading plans. Since this is Holy Week, why not try a plan listed under “Lent and Easter”?

Risen Devotional

I just completed the five-day plan to go with the movie, Risen, and was blessed by it.

Here’s an excerpt from Day 5:

The issue comes down to this: If I will not die to myself, I can’t follow Jesus. It’s not that He won’t let me follow Him. There is a “can’t” of permission, which is, “You can’t do this because I won’t let you.” Then there is a “can’t” of impossibility, which is, “You can’t do this because it is impossible.” For example, training to compete in the Olympics on an “All Twinkies Diet” will make your chances of being on the team “impossible.” The “can’t of impossibility” in following Jesus is this: Whatever I am refusing to die to will make authentically following Jesus “impossible”!

The amazing paradox is this: Dying to self looks like it leads to a life of emptiness and loss. In reality, dying to self leads to a life of joy and freedom. Why? Dead people aren’t stressed. Dead people don’t steal. Dead people aren’t enslaved by addictive behavior. Dead people aren’t weighed down by worry. Dead people don’t abandon wives and kids for a younger spouse. Dead people don’t judge, criticize, or condemn. Dead people are never jealous. Dead people are able to say no to temptation and walk out of an apartment on their way to a brand-new life. Somehow dying to sin makes me more (not less) alive!


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