Sources for Progressive Creationism Report

  • The Fingerprint of God by Dr. Hugh Ross.
  • The Creator and the Cosmos by Dr. Hugh Ross.
  • Creation and Time by Mark Van Bebber and Paul Taylor is a critique of Dr. Ross’ book also titled Creation and Time.  The authors explain they do not cover Dr. Ross’s astrophysical claims, but do “document a number of important biblical, theological, language and research errors” found consistently in his writings, lectures and videos . . This book is [Dr. Ross’] most intense attack in writing, to date, on young-earth creationism.”
  • I also read more than six letters and newsletters from Dr. Ross, about four web pages from his ministry, Reasons to Believe, and his comic book for children, “Destination: Creation”. I read a brochure describing the ministry of Reasons to Believe.   I watched about six of Dr. Ross’ TV shows.
  • I read dozens of articles explaining the errors of Progressive Creationism and also specifically of Dr. Ross’s teachings.  I chose the following five articles as very important to understand these issues.  To fully understand this report, please also read (in suggested priority order): 
  • “The god of an old earth” by Ken Ham effectively explains how believing in an old earth reflects on God’s character.
  • “The Dubious Apologetics of Hugh Ross” by Dr. Danny Faulkner, astronomer, details the mixed-up events of Dr. Ross’s creation “days” and explains Dr. Ross’s inaccuracies in Biblical interpretation and science “facts”.
  • “Is Jesus Christ the Creator God? by Russell M. Grigg discusses the creative acts of Jesus in the Gospels.  The implication is that Christ could not have used evolution as His means of creation in the Creation Week when compared to his miracles in the New Testament.
  • “Hugh Ross lays down the gauntlet!” by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati explains Dr. Ross’s methods of persuasion and his inaccuracies in Biblical interpretation and science “facts”. 
  •  “First Adam – Last Adam” by Russell Grigg compares Adam and Christ. In his second footnote, he explains how Genesis 2:7 and 3:19 prove Adam could not have evolved from a previously living creature, but had to be made from the dust.

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