A Comparison of Some of Ross’s Views On Several Aspects of Creation

r. Ross  

The Bible  
He claims “The creation has been subject to decay since its inception, and that decay process is a strategic part of physical life and God’s creative plan.”   He also says, “While the sin we human beings commit causes us all naturally to react negatively to decay, work, physical death, pain, and suffering, . . . there is nothing in Scripture that compels us to conclude that none of these entities existed before Adam’s first act of rebellion against God.” The creation has been perfect since its inception (Genesis 1:31), not the picture of death and struggle that Progressive Creationism accepts.   Nature has degenerated since the Fall and the Flood.  See Romans  8:20-21.  Dr. Ross does not acknowledge any of these physical changes. I Corinthians 15:26 says, “The last enemy to be destroyed is death.”    
Dr. Ross said on an audiotape: “This entire process of stellar evolution is by natural process alone.  We do not have to invoke Divine intervention at any stage in the history of the life-cycle of the stars that we observe.” The Scripture clearly says in Genesis 1 and other Scriptures that God created the stars, for instance in John 1:3 and Psalm 8:3.    


Dr. Ross believes, “If the time since the creation of the universe were scaled down to a single year, the whole of human history would be less than one minute.” 


Many verses indicate that Man has existed since the beginning, not just in the last minute of the timeline of the universe.  Also, that God has revealed Himself to Man since the creation of the world. Isaiah 40:21, Mark 10:6, and Romans 1:20 only make sense with a literal 6-day creation week.    
“The seventh day continues through Old and New Testament times and on into the future.” And “An eighth day is coming.  God’s rest (cessation) from creating will someday end, and He will create again.” 



Genesis 2:1 – 3 and Hebrews 4:4 state that God rested, not “is resting,” from his creation. Also, if we are still in the seventh day, it does not make sense that the Fall and God’s curse of nature would occur on the day He blessed.  If each creation day were really an age, then Adam would have lived and died in Day 6.  BUT he was created on day 6, lived through day 7 and died at 930 years old.  

What do you think?

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