C. S. Lewis on the Conception of Christ

Annunciation by Dante Rossetti

“No woman ever conceived a child, no mare a foal, without Him. But once, and for a special purpose, He dispensed with that long line which is His instrument: once His life-giving finger touched a woman without passing through the ages of interlocked events. Once the great glove of Nature was taken off His hand. His naked hand touched her. There was of course a unique reason for it. That time He was creating not simply a man but the Man who was to be Himself: was creating Man anew; was beginning, at this divine and human point, the New Creation of all things. The whole soiled and weary universe quivered at this direct injection of essential life—direct, uncontaminated, not drained through all the crowded history of Nature.”

~ C. S. Lewis in Miracles


  • Thank you to Stephanie at Infinite Queso for alerting me to this quote.
  • Also see remarkable images of human life from conception to birth.
  • March 25th is exactly nine months before December 25th and is, therefore, considered to mark the day that the Angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she would conceive. So today is celebrated as the Annunciation of the Lord on some church calendars. We cannot accurately say what date Jesus was born and then work back exactly nine months to when He was conceived. These are just dates that go back centuries in church history and are not based on any dates from the Biblical record. Dating the Census of Quirinius and the reign of Herod the Great would be good starting points for determining when Jesus might have been born. The fact that the shepherds were in the field may indicate the time of year as well.
  • The painting by Dante Rossetti is in the public domain.

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