Jim Elliot’s Younger Brother, Bert

Bert and Colleen Elliot

Many readers of The Sovereign know the story of Jim Elliot, martyred in 1956, and may even know that his wife, Elisabeth Elliot, went home to be with the Lord in June of 2015.

You may not know about Jim Elliot’s younger brother, Bert, who died in February 2012 after 63 years as a missionary to Peru.

The Oregonian wrote a wonderful life story about Bert at the time of his passing. I recommend this article about a faithful servant of God. Here’s an excerpt:

Randy Alcorn, a Christian author…, met the Elliots in 2006 and remembers Bert describing his brother as “a great meteor, streaking through the sky.”

“Bert didn’t go on to describe himself,” Alcorn wrote in a Feb. 19 blog post, “but I will. Unlike his brother, Jim, the shooting star, Bert was a faint star that rose night after night, faithfully crossing the same path in the sky, to God’s glory.”

Luis Palau, an international evangelist based in Oregon, said the Elliots have established 150 congregations in Peru, something of a record for one missionary couple. “Bert didn’t want to talk about it,” Palau recalls. “But I said to him, ‘Nobody knows you, and your brother is a famous hero.’ And Bert said, ‘I’d rather not be a hero.'”


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