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“Why am I fighting it?” I asked myself. “If Jesus said He died for me, then I should just believe that!” So, I got down on my knees beside my bed and thanked Jesus for forgiving me of all my wrong attitudes and wrongdoing. Immediately, I began to read and enjoy the Bible. That was February 19, 1973.

I had been raised in a traditional church setting, attending faithfully with my loving family; however, as I entered my teen years, I didn’t like who I was and also began doing things my family would have disapproved of. I doubted that God could forgive me. I had all the head knowledge I needed, not doubting the existence of God or that He came to conquer Death on a blood-stained cross and in an empty tomb in Jerusalem. The key for me was understanding that I needed to accept everything I knew through the Bible as true for me, not just as information that I acknowledged, but as foundational for living a life with God, daily and eternally.

Over the years, God has been faithful to me and has given me direction for my life’s path. I absolutely love how He’s made me and for what purposes he’s called me. I’ll save that for another time because I’d like to hear from you.

Your Story

What is your story? In Walking with Bilbo: A Devotional Adventure through the Hobbit, Sarah Arthur writes:

God has an overall plan for your life, too. And while He deeply desires for you to follow that plan – since it’s designed with your very best in mind – He also respects your freedom to choose when and how you’ll get there. He even respects your freedom to choose not to get there at all. It’d break His heart if you were to reject His plan, because He knows your heart will eventually be broken by your own mistakes, but He allows you make those mistakes.

Please share your story in the comments. I will read your story and pray for you.


    • The quote is from page 102 in the chapter, “Choose Your Own Adventure.”
    • I took this photo in Holden Arboretum in Kirkland, Ohio. © 2013, Sus Schmitt

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