A Prayer during Times of Natural Disasters

We are in the path of Hurricane Dorian.

I read a chapter today in John Piper’s book, Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ. I highly recommend this little book to open your heart and mind to the greatness of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Rules the World

Piper reminded me on page 46 that “Wind and water do whatever the Lord Jesus tells them to do. Be still. Bear weight. Become wine. Natural laws were made by Christ and alter at his bidding.”

A Prayer during Times of Natural Disasters

If you’re waiting for the approach of a hurricane or hear of any other natural disaster in the news, perhaps this prayer will minister to you (pages 48 – 49):

Protect your church, Father, from callous thoughts about calamities that leave millions destitute, and protect her also from cowing to critics, like Job’s wife, who cannot trust the wisdom and power and goodness of Christ in the midst of inexplicable misery. Oh, help our unbelief. Incline our hearts to your Word and to its assurances that you “work all things according to the counsel of your will” and that “no purpose of yours can be thwarted” and that you are doing good and acting wisely in ways that we cannot now even dream. Keep us in peace, O Lord, and forbid that we murmur and complain. Grant us humble and submissive hearts under your mighty hand. Teach us to wait and watch for your final and holy purposes in all things. Grant that we would “rejoice in hope” even when present circumstances bring us to tears. Open the eyes of our hearts to see the greatness of our inheritance in Christ, and send us with tender hands to touch with mercy the miseries of the world. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.


The photo of the storm at sea from Mark 4 is copyrighted by the LUMO project (Big Book Media) and distributed for free download, under license exclusively by FreeBibleimages for teaching purposes only. All rights reserved.

NOTE: I added links to the Bible verses Piper references.

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