Showing Jesus in What We Say (and How We Say It)

This post is mainly excerpted from Dr. Timothy Keller’s excellent Preaching in a Secular Culture.

His advice is not just for preachers but is also useful for teaching a Bible study or giving a short testimony. What we say and how we say it should point people to Jesus. I’m only presenting his four main points and some quotes. I’m only scratching the surface here of a very rich nine-page document. It’s worth your time to read and absorb it. The rest of this post are quotes from Dr. Keller’s original work.

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What Can Man Do to Me?

“… believers in a church in a North African nation used to meet discreetly, fearing that non-believers would discover they had converted to Christianity. They carefully closed the doors and windows where they met, pulled the curtains, and worshiped quietly so their neighbors would not hear them. One day the church leader said that, as they were praying, the fear of what man could do to them left her. Instead she received the fear of the Lord. They then flung open the doors and curtains and began worshiping Jesus loudly.”

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