Examining Creation and Resurrection

I highly recommend this article by Dr. Henry Morris.  Dr. Morris (1918 – 2006) was a respected scientist and Biblical scholar.  I, personally, had not thought through the vital linking of Creation and Resurrection in the Bible.

Dr. Morris states:

The two greatest events in the history of the cosmos were, first of all, its supernatural creation and, secondly, the resurrection of its Creator from the dead. The evidence for each, to one whose mind and heart are open to evidence, is overwhelming. All true science points to creation, and the best-proved fact of history is the resurrection. The Bible, of course, teaches that both are vitally true, vitally important and vitally related, but even to one who does not believe the Bible, the evidence is still unanswerable. He may reject it, but he cannot refute it.

Furthermore, each is necessary to the other. The creation, invaded and permeated by decay and death, heading down toward ultimate chaos, can only be saved and renewed if death is defeated and life is restored by its Creator. The resurrection, conversely, triumphing over death and promising ultimate restoration of the perfect creation, can only be accomplished by the Creator Himself. The creation requires the resurrection and the resurrection requires the Creator.

It is appropriate, therefore, that the Holy Scriptures so frequently tie together the creation of the world and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The creation took place on the first day of creation week, and the resurrection likewise took place on the first day of the week following the Creator’s substitutionary death for the world’s redemption.

…This two-fold testimony–creation pointing to the fact of God and the resurrection identifying the person of God–constitutes an irrefutable witness…

Dr. Morris highlights the importance of these two key events for Christians for their assurance, revival, and witness. Enough said by me… go read the article.

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Photo from Wikimedia Commons of artwork on St.Peter’s Cathedral, Worms, Germany.

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