Understanding the Why behind the Las Vegas Shooting (Guest Post)

The Las Vegas Strip at Night

Since waking up early [Monday] morning and first seeing the news from Las Vegas, I can’t stop thinking about the fact that while life happily goes on today for me, hundreds of families are reeling, making quick travel plans, grieving, praying without ceasing, and making arrangements to get their loved ones’ bodies released from the morgue and prepared for burial. This is a tragic, unthinkable day for so many, and it should never be like this.

Understanding the Why and the How

Since reading the news of “how” it happened, I keep thinking of the first chapter of Romans, where in the list describing those who “did not see fit to acknowledge God”, it says “they invent ways of doing evil” (v. 30). This, of course, is just one in the long list, but when we fail to acknowledge God, when we won’t agree with Him about who we are (fallen and a mess) and who He is (perfect and without blemish), when we decide that we will figure out our own way rather than accept the Way He has given us, we become Romans 1:28-32.

Our society has become this. Hollywood writers sit in writers’ rooms and invent ways of doing (displaying) evil on the big and small screen, and we keep more coming by consuming it, as if putting evil before our eyes and our ears and allowing anger and malice and deceit and rage to dwell in our hearts won’t actually affect us.

But last night, a new invention of “ways of doing evil” fell through the very real Las Vegas sky, and this morning, hundreds of families are affected. I don’t know much specific about the murderer, but I can guarantee that anger, rage, deceit, and malice had found its way into his heart.

We must return to the Lord. We must acknowledge who He is and stop trying to live life independently of Him. We are desperately wicked apart from the grace of Christ, but praise be to God that grace is available!

We never know when our last breath will come. But decisions we make now will affect us (and others) for eternity. Let’s make sure we’re ready.

And let’s not stop praying today and in the weeks to come for all the victims of this horrible, horrific, horror-filled event. (Sometimes the word is overused, but this is an event undoubtedly worthy of the word.)

Lord, forgive us for not acknowledging You… You are great and good and glorious, and the sin in our hearts threatens to undo us. We need You, we love You, we are desperate for You! Rescue us, oh, God!

HoffmanGuest Post by Sarah Hoffman

Bio: Sarah and Jeff Hoffman, with their five children, serve with the Cru Inner City ministry in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Sarah first posted her thoughts on her Facebook page Monday morning.

Image Source: The view of the Las Vegas strip at night is available on Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.5).

Insight to help understand why we have another mass shooting. Thoughts from my friend about the massacre in Las Vegas.

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