Pray for the Ukraine


Is Russia Taking Military Action?

Ukrainian President Viktor F Yanukovych was ousted last week. The country is facing a political and economic crisis, as well as a threat from neighboring Russia. Yanukovych was friendly to Russia; Oleksandr Turchynov, the current acting president, represents those who wanted closer ties to Europe.

The New York Times’ coverage today says: “President Vladimir V. Putin [Russia] finds his country facing appeals to support Ukraine’s ethnic Russians, provide haven for deposed President Viktor F. Yanukovych and even undertake military response; question asked by many is whether Putin intended it that way.” Follow their chronology of events.

UPDATE: March 4, 2014: Putin has seized the Crimea in Ukraine. I highly recommend following Joel Rosenberg’s FlashTraffic blog for updates, biblical perspective, and political analysis.

Pray for the Current President of the Ukraine

According to Wikipedia:

“Turchynov is known for abstaining from tobacco and alcohol. Like 1% of Ukraine’s population, he is a Protestant. Although some in the media have reported that he is a pastor, the Associated Baptist Press and the European Baptist Federation report that he is an elder and occasional lay preacher at his Kiev church, the Word of Life Center, which is a member of the Evangelical Baptist Union of Ukraine.”

The map of the Ukraine is available on Wikipedia.

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