David and the Psalms

Psalm 1 cross 650

Mike and I are enjoying studying the life of David in our small group. We’re usin Chuck Swindoll’s David: A Man of Passion & Destiny. We highly recommend it! Here’s an excerpt from pages 32 – 33:

The Importance of Music in Praising God

The longer I continue my walk with Him, the more I appreciate the importance of music in ministry.  I think Martin Luther was exactly right when he wrote these words, ” Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise.” God seems to have cast His vote in favor of music, too.  In His Book, the longest of all the sixty-six books is the one dedicated to the hymns of the Hebrews…

Psalms for Maturity

But if you like shallow lyrics and easy-to-hum-along-with ditties, then you’re not going to enjoy the Psalms.  The Psalms are for folks who have decided that music is an art that requires the discipline of keen thinking and a heart that is right before God.  It is music for the mature.  It is not a superficial statement…

As a matter of fact, I have observed that those who are on their way to spiritual maturity spend hours in the Psalms for times of refreshment, times of recovery, times in which emotions seem to be getting out of line.  Always, they come back to the Psalms.

No wonder G. Campbell Morgan said,

The book of Psalms…  Is the book in which the emotions of the human soul find expression.  Whatever your mood, and I suppose you have changing moods as well as I do…  I can find you a Psalm that will help to express it.  Are you glad?  I can find you a Psalm that you can sing.  Are you sad?  I can find you a Psalm that will suit that occasion.

…  The psalms range over the whole gamut of human emotions…  They were all written for us in the consciousness of and in the sense of the presence of God….  In every one of these Psalms, from the first to the last, whatever the particular tone, whether major or minor, the singer is conscious of God.  That gives peculiar character to the book of Psalms.

My own devotional time with God seems to reach its highest point at those times when I sing my praise to Him.

Make Melody to the Lord Your God

The Spirit-filled saint is a song-filled saint.  And your melody is broadcast right into heaven–live–where God’s antenna is always receptive, where the soothing strains of your song are always appreciated.

Never mind how beautiful or how pitiful you may sound.  Sing loud enough to drown out those defeating thoughts that normally clamor for attention.  Release yourself from that cage of introspective reluctance.  SING OUT!  SING OUT!  You’re not auditioning for the church choir; you’re making melody with your heart to the Lord your God!  If you listen closely when you’re through, you may hear the hosts of heaven answering back for joy.

If you search the Internet, you’ll find many Psalms set to music; here’s Kim Hill’s rendition of Psalm 1:


  • Chuck Swindoll’s biography, found at his ministry, Insights for Living.
  • The G. Campbell Morgan quote is taken from The Unfolding Message of the Bible (Westweed, NJ: Fleming H. Revell Co., 1961), p. 742.
  • The image is a screenshot from the YouTube video.

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