North Korean Prison Camps


“Remember those in prison, as if you were there yourself. Remember also those being mistreated, as if you felt their pain in your own bodies.” ~ Hebrews 13:3 (NLT)

Amnesty International released results of a satellite analysis of North Korea’s largest, and growing,  prison camp, kwanliso 16.

According to an NBC report, the prison compound is three times the size of Washington, D.C. The prisoners, even children, work long hours in dangerous logging and mining conditions. North Korea has more than 100,000 prisoners in labor camps for “alleged crimes against the state, which can include ‘gossiping’ about Kim [Jong Un] or his predecessors.” If someone is accused of one of these crimes, they, and their family, are sent to a prison camp without a trial.

Also, according to NBC, a former prison official explained: “”The prisoners are only humans insofar as they can speak. In reality though, they are worse off than animals. The purpose of prison camps is to oppress, degrade, and violate the inmates for as long as they are alive.”

Many are imprisoned because of their faith in Christ.

Read more, including reports from former prisoners, and see satellite images of the prison camp in these articles from CNN and from NBC. Join me in bringing the people of North Korea before God’s throne. He will right all wrongs.


  • I just found out the day after writing this that Kim Jong Un executed his uncle this past week. Again, see NBC News for the details and implications of this. (12/14/2013)
  • The photo of the North Korean flags is available on Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. How do you click the Like button? Sometime we need a Dislike button. Not that we dislike your article, but about what is happening to these people..

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