Evidence of Noah’s Descendants Today

Meschera Lowlands

The Bible is a significant key to unlock the history of the earliest kingdoms and peoples of the world.

About a decade ago, I subscribed to the beautiful quarterly magazine, Creation, based in Australia. Recently, I looked up one of my favorite articles of theirs, The sixteen grandsons of Noah. The authors present evidence of these men, listed in Genesis 10, that can be recognized through thousands of years even to today. I decided to make a chart for you (based on the article, plus a little research) to have a quick glance; for the details, though, read the article. I recommend it!

In the chart, I list the grandsons under each of Noah’s sons, Japheth, Ham, and Shem. The names in parentheses are descendants of the grandsons.

Descendants Evidence Notes
Gomer Galatia Turkey
Gaul France
Goneraeg Welsh language
(Togarmah) Armenia Turkey
(Ashkenaz) Armenia Turkey
Magog Scythia Romania
Madai Medes India
Persia Iran
Javan Greece
(Tarshish) Tarsus city in Turkey
(Kittim) Cyprus
(Dodanim) Jupiter Dodonaeus god: Jupiter or Zeus
Dodona oldest Hellenic oracle
Tubal Tbilisi capital of Georgia
Tobolsk city in Russia
Tobol river in Russia
Meshech Moscow
Meshchera Lowlands plain in Russia
Tiras Thrace in the Balkans north to the Danube
Thor god of thunder
Cush Ethiopia
Mizraim Egypt
( name? ) Palestine Philistines
Phut Libya
Phut river in Libya
Canaan lived in Palestine Israel
(Sidon) Sidon city in Lebanon
(Heth) Hittites
( name? ) Jebusites lived in Jerusalem
Shem “Semitic” comes from his name
Elam Persia Iran
Asshur Assyria Kurdish territory of Iraq
Arphaxad Chaldea Arabians
(Eber) Hebrews Israeilis
Lud Lydia western Turkey
Aram Syria


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This article was not an extensive effort to find all peoples, so I include the second article below for evidence that the ancient Chinese also retained the biblical accounts of Genesis. 

The image is of the Meshchera Lowlands (see chart) and is attributed to Max Presnyakov.

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