Birds Reveal the Creator


“The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship.”

Psalm 19:1 (NLT)

This familiar verse in Psalm 19 means more to me now than it did even a year ago. This passage always made me think of the vast expanse of a night sky and the amazing stellar images we see from the Hubble telescope. However,  one day, about an hour before sunset, I looked up at a very dramatic cloud-filled sky and thought of this verse as well.

Now that I’ve watched the video trailer for the new DVD, Flight: The Genius of Birds, I realize, too, that watching birds fly also displays God’s craftsmanship. In birds, we see His ability to create beauty and to engineer flight, including birds’ lightweight bone structure, the design of their feathers, the qualities of the atmosphere, and much more. It’s amazing to think that He simply spoke over 8,000 bird species into existence!

I’ve included the trailer to this new documentary for you:



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