Heaven as Home

I appreciate these thoughts about Heaven from a devotional I’ve been reading:

Jesus–despite the fact that he was basically homeless and called his disciples to a life of constant travel–assured his followers that home is what God has in store for those who follow him. He said, “there are many rooms in my Father’s home, and I am going to prepare a place for you” (John 14:2). .. it’s not hard to imagine we’ll be given rest and nourishment and whatever work is ours to do, the kind of work that never exhausts our strength but instead energizes us…

Of course, what we’re really talking about is heaven. Not the goofy, cartoon version of “paradise,” with clouds and halos and harps. But home where those we love and the Father we adore are gathered in one place–perhaps for a splendid party, complete with storytelling and singing and a good night’s rest. And there our Host will be, the Captain of all our mad adventures; and there too will be all those faithful companions who gave up everything to follow him. And we will laugh and remember the various chapters of our wonderful story and marvel at the way God brought comedy out of tragedy. ~ from Walking with Bilbo by Sarah Arthur, pp. 182 – 183

I can recommend Walking with Bilbo: A Devotional Adventure through the Hobbit for Tolkien fans and for youth group Bible studies.

What do you think?

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