Prayer for Prodigals Community and Day of Prayer (June 2nd)



Are you aware of the Prayer for Prodigals ministry? You’re invited to join this community to safely share your struggles about your prodigal who is straying from God. The members of this community can empathize with you and will comfort, encourage, and pray for your family. (It usually takes about four days to process your request and admit you into this online community.)

Day of Prayer

A specific ministry of is the Worldwide Day of Prayer for Prodigals. Every June 2nd, since 2005, thousands of people from around the world pray through a list of prodigals.

I know I’m late alerting you to this, but if you’re signed in to Facebook, you can still join in on the fan page for Prayer for Prodigals. Next year, if you’ve joined the community at Prayer for Prodigals, you’ll have access to the prayer requests.

Free Devotional eBooks

Judy Douglass, wife of the president of Campus Crusade for Christ, writes free devotional eBooks each year in conjunction with the Day of Prayer. Last year’s book was devoted to Rest and this year’s to Grace.

For more details about the community, day of prayer, and free eBooks visit Free Devotional eBooks for Prayer for Prodigals.

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  1. When dealing with a prodigal becomes tiring and discouraging, your thoughts and emotions may not always be easy to express. Prayers for Prodigals by James Banks offers strength and encouragement through 90 days of practical prayers. You will also find inspiring meditations drawn from Scripture and the personal experiences of other parents. Gain fresh insights as you talk with God and depend on Him to answer your prayers.

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