Celebrating the Release of Three Cleveland Women

Michelle_KnightMy hometown is Cleveland, Ohio, so I must depart slightly from my usual posts and share some videos from the events of this past week.

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight all disappeared on busy Lorain Avenue over an eleven-year time span and were rescued Monday from the Cleveland home where they’d been held captive.

Rescuer Charles Ramsey, who says he’s a Christian and an American, was one of two men who broke down the door that helped Amanda Berry and her daughter crawl out to freedom.

CNN interviewed Elizabeth Smart about getting her life back together after a nine-month abduction in 2002.

Excerpts from CNN article and video:

Wolf Blitzer:  What helped you, Elizabeth, the most when it – when it came to healing?

Elizabeth Smart:  My family, my faith in God and the support of the community and the prayers of so many.  That’s made such a difference in my life.

[later in the interview]

Wolf Blitzer:  You’re now married with children.  You can be an inspiration.

Would you like to meet with these three women in Cleveland, just to have a little private meeting with them and talk to them about what – what lies ahead for them and potentially a great new world for them?

Elizabeth Smart:  I certainly would be honored to speak with them.  But at the same time, I, more than anybody, will respect their privacy, because I’m sure at this moment, that’s all probably they want is time to regroup, time to heal, time – just time to move on with their life.

So I would never want to intrude on their personal space.  But I would be honored to speak with them if they ever would like me to.

Image source:NewsNet5.com

UPDATE on sentencing of kidnapper.

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