Thoughts on the Boston Bombings


I felt the following writers expressed encouraging and biblically-sound perspectives on the tragedy in Boston this past week.  The first post is by someone who was near the finish line at the time of the bombings. I hope you’ll consider reading all of these.

God on Boylston Street, Providence Church blog

“God protected me. His hand was on me. I missed the explosion by a matter of minutes, so he must have led me away from the bomb site just in time.” But even as I thought these things, I wrestled with another thought; a thought that disturbed me: “Was God’s hand not also on those people who were injured or killed by the explosions? Had he deserted them?” This is one of the most difficult theological questions that can be asked. Where is God in the midst of evil and suffering? Is he only present and active in our lives when we are kept safe from harm … when we experience goodness and blessing in life? (Read more…)

Boston Garden, Second Cup of Coffee

The thought of the memory of April 15thas the birthday of the beautiful garden in front of our son’s bedroom window mocked me, spitting venom into my face.  It was as if the bomber reached beyond the marathon path, across the fence and into our back yard and planted  the deadly device amidst the gladiolas, day lilies, jasmine and petunias, leaving devastation and carnage behind.
The day will be remembered for mutilation, dismemberment and death… the smell of burnt flesh, He scoffed. …It will be forever remembered as the day of fear and terror and the  power of evil to kill and destroy everything noble and beautiful and kind……So, why bother, then? Why bother planting the gardens and sowing seeds and training the vines…? Why bother creating beauty out of ugliness…? (Read more…)

On Bombs and Boston, Blogging Theologically

As of this writing, no one has claimed responsibility for the bombing. Someone may eventually claim responsibility. Some may try to use the event as an opportunity to push a particular agenda.

That includes Christians who like to say things like “This is God’s judgment on America’s sin.”

If there’s any “agenda” for Christians to put forward, maybe it’s this:

There will be a day when eight-year-olds won’t die in explosions. There will be a day when people won’t set off bombs in America or any nation in the world. (Read more…)


  • In a post from October 2010, Tragedy and the Sovereignty of God, I share excerpts from three excellent articles which I hope you’ll take the time to read in their entirety. One is an interview with Tony Snow, former White House Press Secretary, who presented fresh perspectives on faith through suffering. (Tony suffered from colon cancer and went to be with the Lord in July of 2008.)
  • This image of downtown Boston is available on WIkimedia Commons.

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