The Creator Has Risen

I highly recommend this article, Creation & Resurrection, by Dr. Henry Morris. Dr. Morris highlights the importance of these two events for Christians for their assurance, revival, and witness. I, personally, had not thought through the vital linking of Creation and Resurrection in the Bible.  According to Dr. Morris:

The creation, invaded and permeated by decay and death, heading down toward ultimate chaos, can only be saved and renewed if death is defeated and life is restored by its Creator. The resurrection, conversely, triumphing over death and promising ultimate restoration of the perfect creation, can only be accomplished by the Creator Himself. The creation requires the resurrection and the resurrection requires the Creator.

After reading the article, I recommend opening your Bible this Easter morning and meditating on what it really means to you that your Creator took the punishment you deserve so that you might live with Him forever. Had you thought about the connection between Creation and Resurrection?

In addition, this four-minute video, #FallingPlates, powerfully illustrates how God loves us and how He intended our relationship to be at Creation. Now, our lives are broken, but God, our Creator, proves His love by restoring us through His Death and Resurrection. I hope you’ll take the time to watch and to tell me what you think of it.

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Dr. Morris (1918 – 2006) was a respected scientist, Biblical scholar, and founder of the Institute for Creation Research.

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