God Loves You

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It really is true! You can have a relationship with your creator God this intimate. (as portrayed in the video).

I stopped resisting His call to my heart on February 19th, 1973. Since then, I’ve had innumerable times when He’s touched my heart with comfort, guidance, acceptance, and even gentle scolding when I’ve needed it.

The #Falling Plates video uses powerful images to convey God’s love straight to our hearts. Now that you’ve watched it, I know you’ll want to share it with your friends through e-mails, Facebook, Twitter, and your favorite social networks. Here’s a link and hashtag you can use: http://bit.ly/FallingPlatesVideo and #FallingPlates.

Spiritual Conversations in March

This has been quite a month for spiritual and religious headlines. Are you talking about Pope Francis? The Bible TV series? Passover? Easter? I’m planning to post about many of these topics if I can.

Here’s what’s happening in March 2013:

If You’d Like More Videos

  • Visit #FallingPlates‘ website where you can make further discoveries in your spiritual journey.
  • Follow #FallingPlates on Twitter: @FallingPlates.
  • For more great short films visit Global Short Film Network.
  • I Am Second has a large collection of powerful interviews from people who’ve discovered God’s Love.

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