The Role of Prayer in Spiritual Awakening

Yes, this is an old video of a speech, but one of my favorite messages. If you don’t know the history of global spiritual awakenings (and even if you do), I recommend this look into what happened in society when God moved on people’s hearts.  If you’re praying for revival, then you must take the time to listen to this message by the late Dr. J. Edwin Orr (1912 – 1987).

A website of Dr. Orr’s material, states:

Professor Orr was passionately committed to Jesus Christ and dedicated his life to understanding and furthering the work of God – especially in revival and spiritual awakening. This website comes from the conviction that Dr. Orr has much to say to the Christian world today, because his message was a profoundly powerful, eloquent, and accurate explanation of what the Bible says about revival, awakening, and the deeper Christian life.

Visit the site for audio and video files and more. I just downloaded a PDF file of “Revival and Revivalism” by Dr. Orr to read on my Kindle Fire.

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