The Genealogies of the Messiah


My Understanding of the Genealogies

I’ve had my opinion of the genealogies for many years, but only recently have I learned why two of the four Gospels don’t have genealogies.  (Credit goes to Pastor Vince for teaching this to our church last month.)

The four Gospels each have their own themed portrait of Christ:

  • Matthew reveals Jesus as our King.
  • Mark shows Jesus as Servant.
  • Luke paints His portrait as Man.
  • John glorifies Him as God.

The four biographies of Christ together give a complete picture of Who He is.

  • As King, Matthew traces Jesus’ lineage from King David.
  • As a Servant, no genealogy is recorded in Mark.
  • Jesus, the Son of Man, has a genealogy going back to Adam, created by God.
  • Again, no genealogy is recorded in John because Jesus has existed since eternity.

An Infographic of the Genealogies

If you like infographics or are a visual learner, you’ll appreciate this chart (and explanation) showing the two genealogies of Jesus Christ.

Click here to see the full infographic and then click again on the image to zoom in.

Which of the explanations in the chart of the two genealogies do you think is more likely?

  • More infographics and how to obtain prints can be found at
  • For a definition of levirate marriage, click here.

What do you think?

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