Moving Stories from the Aurora, Colorado Shootings

In my previous post, I shared my thoughts immediately after the shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

I’ve read some amazing posts by others since then, especially those directly impacted by James Holmes’ actions.  I’d like to share these great posts with you. These are all written from Christian families.

Petra Anderson was hit by four shotgun blasts. One bullet entered in through her nose and ended in the back of her brain.  She has NO brain damage! Read A Miracle Inside the Aurora Shooting: One Victim’s Story  from celtic straits.

Marie and her family were within feet of the shooter, James Holmes, and yet did not take a single bullet. She posted on her blog, A Miniature Clay Pot to her handful of followers and the post went out to millions.

My friend, Dena, has a ministry to hurting parents and expresses her concern for James Holmes’ parents. Read Hope Rises from the Ashes of Dark Knight Shooting in Colorado for wise counsel on weathering tragic events.

Update on Jessica Ghawi Story

Brent Lowak shielded Jessica Ghawi (who I quoted in the previous post), but was unable to save her from a second bullet wound to the head. (Read this news article from The San Francisco Chronicle.) You can send encouragement and prayers to Brent on this Facebook page.

Both Brent and Jessica are believers in Jesus. (I use the present tense because Jessica is in another place, with Jesus in Heaven.)

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