Opportunity to Pray during Ramadan

Photo Taken by zandwacht on Flickr

Are you aware of the month of fasting and prayer, Ramadan, on the Islamic calendar? This year, Ramadan falls on July 20th through August 18th.

According to Open Doors:

Ramadan celebrates the first revelations that Mohammad received. The purpose of the Ramadan season is to take Muslims away from their normal lifestyle and make them reexamine their life in the context of a higher ideal. For example, experiencing hunger makes [them] more aware of the poor; and going though real, but limited suffering, may prepare [them] for tougher ordeals. The feeling of community is very strong during Ramadan.

Open Doors has resources to encourage us to pray for Christians who live in Islamic-dominated areas of the world and for Muslims, that many will come to know Jesus personally. Sign up for a fact sheet about Islam and Ramadan and for a prayer calendar.  They’ll send you an email with links to PDF files.  I downloaded the prayer calendar to my Kindle Fire so I can pray daily during Ramadan.


  • Read how you might consider sharing your faith during Ramadan.
  • Fasting is only during daylight hours; after dark, families get together for feasts.  If you would like to make it a family experience, too, try these “Ramadan recipes” from around the world at dinner.

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