More Purposeful Posts on The Sovereign

When I started blogging eight years ago, and until recently, the advice to bloggers was: publish frequent, short posts, watching out for SEO opportunities.  Now, it seems the trend is for longer, more meaningful posts (frequency doesn’t matter so much anymore). I’m glad to discover this because I publish three blogs and am active on several social media platforms; I’ve been stretched too thin. I haven’t run out of ideas, so that’s not a problem, but I often run out of time. I also like this trend because I can focus more on my readers than on being a big fish in the internet ocean.

We’re all media-saturated, so I will focus more on making sure when I post that it’s as relevant and as meaningful an article as I know how to do. So, my future posts may be sporadic, but I hope the commitment to quality and to focus on the purpose of the blog will make The Sovereign an even better read for you. Both your time and mine are valuable and should be used wisely.

I also have some housework to do on the site, so posting less often will, hopefully, give me time to add some resource pages and clean up some clutter. I’m even eager to try my hand at some short, free eBooks, which I’ll offer here.

Thanks so much for following The Sovereign!

2 responses to “More Purposeful Posts on The Sovereign

  1. I can relate to this. I finally cleaned up the spare bedroom, where this computer is, and have been off line for a few days. Yep, we do have a “life” besides blogging. Church activities and finding time to bird watch also cut into my “blogging time”. I have kept the social media to a small segment so far.
    Like you, I am not out of ideas, but time and energy get in the way. 🙂
    Keep up the good work and Lord Bless.

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