A “Lost Tribe” of Israel in India

Do not fear, for I am with you;

I will bring your offspring from the east,

And gather you from the west. ~ Isaiah 43: 5 NASB

According to an article on the Bible Prophecy blog, the Bnei Menashe, a tribal group in India, believe they are the descendants of the tribe of Manasseh (descended from one of  Joseph’s sons, and therefore, a grandson of Jacob, aka Israel).

According to Bnei Menashe oral tradition, the tribe was exiled from Israel and pushed to the east, eventually settling in the border regions of China and India, where most remain today. Most kept customs similar to Jewish tradition, including observing Shabbat, keeping the laws of Kosher, practicing circumcision on the eighth day of a baby boy’s life and observing laws of family purity.

In the 1950s, several thousand Bnei Menashe say they set out on foot to Israel but were quickly halted by Indian authorities. Undeterred, many began practicing Orthodox Judaism and pledged to make it to Israel. (read more by Aaron Klein)

About 300 of the Bnei Menashe are currently in Israel and another 7,000 of these Indian citizens hope to immigrate in the next few years.

NOTE: This photo and information courtesy of Aaron Klein’s article on the Bible Prophecy blog (read it here).


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