Facing Evil by Bethany

A museum display of a cockroach infestation of a kitchen.

I opened the cabinet door on Wednesday afternoon, and I was immediately faced with a decision. In Florida, cockroaches abound, so I wasn’t entirely surprised when I found one staring back at me. However, I was tired, so I really just wanted to shut the door again and go back to what I was doing. The problem with that, though, is I knew that if I didn’t face the roach then, I would probably face him later. Isn’t that how those things work? So I decided to face him. I pulled a chair over, grabbed my shoe, and began pulling things out of the cabinet. My mom came into the kitchen and asked me what I was doing.

“I’m writing a blog post.”

Of course! Because I usually write my blog posts standing on a chair in the kitchen looking into a cabinet. But in all seriousness, I started thinking about this little roach and the lessons he was teaching me. When I’m exposed to evil, I want to do the same thing. I want to close the cabinet door and pretend that I never saw it in the first place. The problem is, I did see it. I know it’s there. That makes me responsible. If I don’t face it, who will?

William Wilberforce once said,

You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.

Slavery still exists, and you know about it. Will you face it? Will you do something?

Guest Post by: Bethany


  • My friend’s daughter is wearing one dress for one year to raise $100,000 to fight human trafficking.  She is blogging daily (this post is from Day 45) and has passed the 100-day mark.  Her blog is one dress. one year. for freedom.
  • I included Bethany’s entire post and her link if you would like to help her fight human trafficking.
  • The image is disgusting, but evil is, too, so I chose to use it.  It’s from a museum display and is available on Wikimedia Commons.

2 responses to “Facing Evil by Bethany

  1. A great application from a disgusting situation. Yea, Florida bugs, they do exist here. I haven’t tried that position to write any of my blogs, maybe they would be better. :0)

    • Hi, Lee,

      I liked her application, too. She left me with a visual image to remind me of the daily choices we all face each day.

      The problem with the roach, too, is you might NOT see him again OR you may see him again… with dozens of his new family members! So, it’s best to respond to the first encounter with evil or it may grow.


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