What Corrie ten Boom Would Say to Us Today

The closet where Jews were hidden from the Gestapo

The closet where Jews were hidden from the Gestapo

“There are several things on my heart – messages which I think are so important – that I know I must tell. One is that, when Jesus tells you to love your enemies, He gives you the love that He demands from you. That is something I have personally experienced. . .

“The other thing I have been telling people is to be ready for Jesus’ coming – not by knowing what all the different denominations say about it, but by knowing what the Word of God tells us. I wish to be certain that the Lord will find you at peace with God and men – clean and blameless in His sight. . .

“We Christians need to learn to live as rich spiritually as we are in Jesus Christ. We cannot live on our own understanding or on the teaching of others, but we must act upon the Word of God. We are limited only by the limits of our own belief in the promises in the Bible. . .”

Read more from this interview of Corrie.


  • Corrie and her family helped many Jews escape the Nazi Holocaust until they themselves were arrested and sent to concentration camps. Learn more about Corrie on Wikipedia.
  • The photo shows the inside of the closet in Corrie’s bedroom where many Jews were hidden when the ten Boom family suspected a raid by the Gestapo.

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