Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton, former Olympic gold medalist, is one of our favorite people. I didn’t know his amazing story until I watched him tell it in this video. You can see God’s hand in Scott’s life through great difficulties, like cancer and a recurring brain tumor.


2 responses to “Scott Hamilton

  1. I did not know that Scott was a believer. I guess we’ve lost touch with following all that has happened in his life since the survival of the testicular cancer. What a beautiful witness to the all sufficiency of our Lord! Thank you so much for sharing. I am so touched about the conversation with the nurse – hearing that all his prayers had been prayers of thanks for his blessings – not petitions. What a man – and a couple!

    • Hi, Kathy,

      Just watching Scott on TV, he always had a quiet gentleness about him, plus enthusiasm for skating! So, to know what he’s been through and how thankful he is in spite of it all blesses and humbles me. I’m glad you enjoyed his story.


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