God in Ancient China

God preserved the message of Genesis in the Chinese language. Chinese scholars have examined their ancient pictogram forms and when comparing dozens of characters, they’ve found amazing correlations with the Genesis account of Creation and the Flood (see image). In addition, the ancient Chinese religion reflected a faith in the one true God.

If you’re interested in more information, I’m keeping this short, so you’ll have time to read the rest of this article from Answers in Genesis:

ShangDi, the Creator-God of the Chinese, surely appears to be one and the same as the Creator-God of the Hebrews. In fact, one of the Hebrew names for God is El Shaddai, which is phonetically similar to ShangDi.”

Read more about ShangDi, the Border Sacrifice, and the message of Genesis hidden in Chinese characters in “The Original ‘Unknown’ God of China.”



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