The Super Bowl and Sex Trafficking

Human trafficking generates $32,000,000,000 per year globally and is growing everywhere, including in America. It’s time to stop ignoring the numbers. Or maybe to start seeing the faces of the individuals trapped in slavery.

“Human trafficking” covers slavery of any form, including whole families or small children in forced labor, while “sex trafficking” is a more specific subset of human trafficking. Often, sex traffickers will take girls and women into a foreign country where they’re unable to communicate their plight. A recent report by the Bulgarian RiskMonitor foundation estimated that 70% of the prostitutes who work in Belgium are from Bulgaria. Every country has to face this problem. There are 27,000,000 slaves in our world today.

Unfortunately, the Super Bowl is probably the largest sex trafficking event in America. “According to the Florida Coalition against Human Trafficking, tens of thousands of children and adult women were brought into Miami for prostitution–in anticipation of [the] Super Bowl.” (Read more) Tens of thousands!? What is Indianapolis doing to prepare for an onslaught from sex traffickers? Even aside from the Super Bowl, 14,500 slaves are brought into America annually!

BE IN PRAYER! And be pro-active in any way God leads you.


  • The image of the Miami Dolphins’ cheerleaders is in the public domain and doesn’t mean I equate them or the NFL with sex trafficking.
  • Human Trafficking Awareness Day
  • Top Ten Facts about the S Word
  • As an American woman, I’m concerned about the message we send about women through our media to our own people and also to the global community. Frequently, we’re portrayed as sex objects to be used and tossed. Immodest clothing is everywhere; in media and in real life, our clothing from the beach to the ballroom is often too revealing.

3 responses to “The Super Bowl and Sex Trafficking

  1. Trafficking and sexual enslavement should be talked about much more by Christians, to make the public aware that it still exists today. Major sporting events and large conferences are just the sort of venues where criminal gangs want to set up business . The women and girls they use as commodoties are often far from home and too terrified to seek help . Too often the prostitutes are treated as criminals and not victims who need rescued . This has to change; our governments must listen.
    Thank you for your post.

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