Jesus is Not a Religion Video

This popular video (16 million viewers and counting) helps to underscore the need to have a relationship with Jesus, rather than trying to find God through religious practices.

For one quote of what Jesus thought of the religious leaders of His day, read Matthew 23: 26 – 28:

“You blind Pharisee! First clean the inside of a cup, and then the outside will also be clean. You Pharisees and teachers are in for trouble! You’re nothing but show-offs. You’re like tombs that have been whitewashed. On the outside they are beautiful, but inside they are full of bones and filth. That’s what you are like. Outside you look good, but inside you are evil and only pretend to be good.”

Jesus loved the Pharisees and other religious leaders and many of them came to believe in Him after His resurrection. (Acts 6:7 CEV)


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