Resisting God’s Sovereignty

“Our understanding of what the Bible teaches about God is crucial. The biblical God is Creator and Lord. Yet his sovereignty is sometimes denied, even within the church. When confessing Christians resist the idea of God’s sovereignty in creation or salvation, they are really playing with pious paganism. Christians will have honest questions about God’s sovereignty. But a sustained, tenacious denial of God’s sovereignty should concern us. To baptize such a person may be to baptize a heart that remains, in some ways, unbelieving. To admit such a person into membership may be to treat the individual as if he were trusting God when in fact he’s not.

“Such resistance is dangerous in any Christian but it’s even more dangerous in the leader of a congregation. When a church appoints a leader who doubts God’s sovereignty or who misunderstands the Bible’s teaching, that church sets up as their example a person who may be deeply unwilling to trust God. And this is bound to hinder that church’s growth.

“Too often today, the consumer-driven and materialistic culture around us encourages churches to understand the Spirit’s work in terms of marketing and to turn evangelism into advertising. God himself is made over in the image of man. In such times, a healthy church must be especially careful to pray that its leaders would have a biblical and an experiential grasp of God’s sovereignty….”

~ From Mark Dever’s What is a Healthy Church? pp. 73 – 74


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