Thoughts on the Death of Muammar al-Gaddafi

Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi

  • This is what God has waiting for the wicked person,
  • the inheritance that tyrants receive from the Almighty:
  • If he has many children, swords will kill them,
  • and his descendants won’t have enough food.
  • Those who survive him will be buried by a plague,
  • and their widows won’t cry for them.
  • Though he collects silver like dust and piles up clothing like dirt,
  • righteous people will wear what he piles up,
  • and the innocent will divide the silver among themselves.
  • He builds his house like a moth,
  • like a shack that a watchman makes.
  • He may go to bed rich, but he’ll never be rich again.
  • When he opens his eyes, nothing will be left.
  • Terrors overtake him like a flood.
  • A windstorm snatches him away at night.
  • The east wind carries him away, and he’s gone.
  • It sweeps him from his place.
  • It hurls itself at him without mercy.
  • He flees from its power.
  • It claps its hands over him.
  • It whistles at him from his own place.

from God’s Holy Word, Job: 27: 13 – 23


  • I don’t condone what Gaddafi did in his lifetime nor do I condone the way he died at the hands of the mob. For more thoughts from Scripture on the death of a wicked man, see my post, What’s Next after Osama Is Gone?
  • Compare the mobile phone videos of Gaddafi’s death to the prophecy of the future death of God’s two prophets in Revelation 11. Read more…
  • This image is available from Agência Brasil, a public Brazilian news agency through Wikimedia Commons.

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