Red Blood Cells Found in T. rex

dinosaur at New Orleans Museum of ArtBill wrote:

“I am 15 years old and I am confused. I’d like to believe but I constantly receive conflicting theological viewpoints and I want to understand. How does the evidence of dinosaur bones and radiocarbon dating relate to the Bible’s view that the Earth is 7000-ish years old? I am in no way trying to be insensitive, but could that mean that the writers of the Bible included misguided or false information? If this is true, than how could anyone distinguish valid information from false information.

“Currently, I believe the Christian lifestyle is the way that I want to live, but I don’t know what to believe.  Please get back to me.”

I wrote the following to him and hope these answers will also help you:

Thank you so much for writing and entrusting your questions to me.

You’re absolutely right in your line of thinking.  Your questions about dinosaurs and carbon dating have really raised questions for thousands about whether the Bible is reliable and about how can we really know the truth.  I don’t remember being that observant when I was your age, so I commend you for thinking this over carefully. has an excellent article that explains in many different ways why we can trust the accuracy and authenticity of the Bible.  This article shows how reliable the Bible is.  We can also discuss the Bible’s trustworthiness further if you would like to talk about that, too.

Now, your main question is about whether the earth is as old as evolutionists say.  No, it isn’t.

I’ll mention a few things:

  • Red blood cells have been found in dinosaur bones.  Evolutionists still claim dinosaur fossils are millions of years old, while creationists point out these fossils must necessarily be younger. Even the fact that the bones hadn’t fossilized is enough to argue for a younger age for this T. rex fossil.
  • Men and dinosaurs have co-existed.  The Bible probably refers to dinosaurs (see the descriptions of Leviathan and Behemoth  in Job 40 – 41).   Also many historical (and even recent) human sightings have been recorded.
  • The mass fossil graveyards are evidence of rapid burial from Noah’s worldwide flood before decay and scavengers could destroy the fossils.

I recommend this article for a complete look at dinosaurs.

NOTE: This image is available at Wikimedia Commons.


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