Help When You’re Recovering from Major Loss

We need to talk billboard

If you’re asking God “why?” right now, I’d like to recommend an article, “Where do we go from here?”

Here’s an excerpt:
“Are you dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster or the sudden loss of a friend or relative? Will you find an answer from God as to why this happened? Probably not. And if someone tries to give you an answer, you should be skeptical of their explanation. In these moments, in these situations, Why? does not seem to be a question that God answers. It might be because if he tried to explain, we wouldn’t understand it anyway.”

NOTE on the image: In 2004, the eyes of three hurricanes in six weeks passed over our home. This photo is of a billboard that was damaged during one of those storms.

Recommended: A post about a memorial service for five-year-old Ava.

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