A Look at Dinosaur Soft Tissue

I recommend this article, which appeared in the Washington Post on December 3, 2007, about a significant Hadrosaur fossil find in North Dakota . The fossil, named Dakota, is almost like seeing a dinosaur made out of stone.

Dakota has already improved our knowledge of hadrosaurs. From studying this fossil, scientists concluded hadrosaur’s tails were longer and their “backside was about 25 percent larger than previously thought.” Dakota’s fossilized scales are three-dimensional and the palm had a fleshy pad.

You may also want to view a slide show of the excavation and a reconstruction of Dakota.

NOTE: I believe in a recent creation by God, Who spoke all things into existence. I believe Man and dinosaurs co-existed on the Earth, beginning in the Garden of Eden. I’ll explore these Biblical concepts of Creation in future posts.


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