The Dying Robot

Dozens of voiced cried out together as the adorable, diminutive character on the screen was dying from fatal injuries.

The audience had grown to love two little robots with engaging personalities. So, in the big battle scene, only the brave little robot touched the hearts of the kids and their families watching The Black Hole. In contrast, the scores of people running the space ship had been reduced to expressionless automatons. Many of the dehumanized people operating the ship were thrown about like rag dolls by explosions in the movie, but no one in the audience made a sound.

This was in 1979, but I still remember the audience’s reaction vividly and have been very sensitive ever since to how people are portrayed in the media. Many movies and TV shows tarnish or twist the nature of human beings, who are “created in the image of God”. Many video games also distort who we are and how we should behave. They overemphasize the physical appearance of women, resolve conflicts with violence, etc.

Human beings are created by God for His glory. People are more than bodies to be coveted or disposed of. We aren’t animals to act merely from our appetites or to use others in any way we wish. We don’t share God’s image physically, but, like God, we’re creative, communicate, and express love.

Do you have a Biblical view of the eternal worth of all mankind? Have your emotions been manipulated by what you have read, seen, or heard so that your heart and mind are numb to the needs of men, women, and children?

I enjoy a good story, too, but am on my guard that I, and my family as well, don’t become de-sensitized by the images and words that can assault us. Be sure to at least watch movies and read books with your children, discussing the deeper significance of their messages.

What do you think?

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