A world going somewhere (via Cindy by the Sea)

Ascension of Christ painting in the Church of St. Cross of Hirschberg, Poland

I appreciate Cindy’s reminder that the world is going somewhere:

“…For the unbeliever, the world is chaotic and undefinable – not necessarily going anywhere – it just is. For the believer, the world is one of purpose and of assurance; a world which is going somewhere. And this makes all the difference. For it is this thought, a world going somewhere, that drive the powers-that-be mad. For a world with purpose and direction is at cross-purposes with those of a secular society whose governing body believes their is no higher authority beyond themselves and that of the State.

“In the days to come, as last days events unfold, pressure on society and individuals will reach unprecedented levels. For this reason, it will be extremely important that we as believers keep these two fundamental things in mind: 1) God has a plan and will see it through to completion, 2) Israel is the key to that plan.” Read more…

The image is in the public domain and is a depiction of the Ascension of Christ. The original is in the Grace Church (Church of St. Cross) of Jelenia Góra (Hirschberg) in Poland.

What do you think?

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