Epicenter by Joel Rosenberg

We highly recommend Epicenter by Joel Rosenberg. Although written in 2006, his book is still relevant in our rapidly changing world.

Joel explains the circumstances that lead to his writing the political thriller books that propelled him into the media spotlight and why we will read these future headlines:

1. Israel Discovers Massive Reserves of Oil, Gas
2. Treaties and Truces Leave Israelis More Secure Than Ever Before
3. A Czar Rises in Russia, Raising Fears of a New Cold War
4. Kremlin Joins “Axis of Evil,” Forms Military Alliance with Iran
5. Moscow Extends Military Alliance to Include Arab, Islamic World
6. Global Tensions Soar as Russia Targets Israel
7. New War Erupts in Middle East as Earthquakes, Pandemics, Hit Europe, Africa, Asia
8. Iraq Emerges from Chaos as Region’s Wealthiest Country
9. Jews Build Third Temple in Jerusalem
10. Muslims Turn to Christ in Record Numbers

I plan to write a few more posts based on the content in Epicenter and, also, as I see some of these headlines in the news, I plan to come back to this post and add links, as I have already done. (see Headlines #1 and #10) I appreciate any alerts from my readers.

In Epicenter, Joel also covers many prophecies that have already been fulfilled and gives us an “insider” look at many trends, news stories, and more.

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