Were You “LOST” the Past Six Years?

Were you waiting for answers week after week, season after season, as the story of “lost” unfolded? As good storytellers, the writers kept you in suspense and kept you coming back.

I am in suspense, too, waiting for the return of the world’s King.
We are already seeing what Jesus has told us to look for:

• Wars
• Famines
• False prophets
• And more

Of course, you were aware of these issues during the past six years. However, did you also know 27 million people are living in slavery? Did you know the Bible mentions a thriving human trafficking industry in Babylon in the Last Days? (See Revelation 18: 11 – 13.)

The Sovereign focuses on the soon return of Jesus Christ and on our relationship to Him as faithful stewards. I hope to help my readers be aware of current events and how they might want to respond to God. Would you like to be more aware of the world around you in light of Christ’s return? Would you like to make a difference for people and for God? Maybe you are ready to move from being informed to being involved on the issues that touch your heart.

The many difficulties facing our world today gives you, and all believers, an opportunity to serve God with whatever time, talent, and treasure He has given you.

God has a purpose for your life. Are you ready to meet Jesus? Follow this link to learn more about Him. The “final episode” is coming when He returns to earth.

What do you think?

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