Miracles in Haiti

Miraculous Stories
(With permission from CrossWorld.org)

“Sammy was on the top floor of his university when it collapsed – completely. He felt a terrible trembling and watched the neighboring building crash to the ground. He can’t remember how he got to the bottom and out onto the street.

“As he walked along, he got a phone call from a foreign number. The voice on the line said, ‘God has spared your life for a purpose and never forget that.’ To this day, Sammy is not sure who called him. But he realizes that that is not the important thing – what is important is that he knows that God spared his life for a purpose.

“A Haitian colleague shared with us this other story. One of his friends, a bank employee, felt that she should not go to work that day and was willing to lose her job over the matter. The three-story bank building was completely destroyed.

“We have reports from various sectors that great numbers of people are coming to faith in Christ. We received a credible report that President Preval and his wife are seeking the counsel of Christians to explain the spiritual significance of the earthquake. This is in strong contrast to former president Aristide who rededicated the country to Satan.

“One of our Haitian pastors shared how the earthquake has impacted folks in the remote NW peninsula of the country. ‘Haiti has become a field of evangelism, people are coming to church in large numbers … radio stations that had hours consecrated to Voodoo programming have replaced them with gospel programs and preaching of God’s Word.’ There are devotions nightly in the refugee camp on the STEP campus, a time of singing, praying and praising God. Large numbers flock there each Sunday morning to hear the gospel preached and three afternoons a week children gather for Bible classes.”

People Are Flocking to Churches
(from an email attributed to a radio engineer working for Radio Lumiere – Other online sources confirm the national fasting and prayer.)

“Today was the one month anniversary of the great Haitian earthquake.

“About 3 days ago the Haitian president announced that there would be 3 days of holiday from work for the purpose of fasting and prayer. This is absolutely historic. If you have ever been in Haiti as a visitor or missionary, could you ever have imagined such a pronouncement? This morning I saw a young Haitian-American woman, the leader of a work team, crying because the Americans could not understand the incredible importance of this day and wanted to go about business as usual. Remember, it was only about 6 years ago that a former Haitian president called the nation to come together to rededicate the nation to Satan. . .

“Peniel and I had planned an inspection trip up to the Artibonite Valley today . . . As we left the guest house about 7:30 am, we were met by throngs of well dressed people headed to various churches. The sounds of Christian music and worship filled the air everywhere. The next observation was that there was NO traffic. Port-au-Prince streets are always clogged and overflowing with bumper to bumper traffic. This morning there were only a few vehicles on the roads, . . . The same was true of foot traffic. Usually the streets are clogged also with people walking. Today there were only a few and many of them dressed for church. The only place that there were traffic blocks was in front of several churches where the congregations had overflowed the buildings, and the yards and had moved out into the streets as well.

“The next observation was that EVERYTHING was closed! We could not find even one business or gas station open. There were no intercity buses running. Whereas the sidewalks are usually overflowing with street venders, we only saw a few here and there. The huge outdoor market near the wharf where thousands work each day and spread out to cover most of the street, was EMPTY.

“Where were all the people? They were in churches and makeshift meeting sites. Every church had services going on, almost always overflowing into the streets. Beside broken down churches, services were taking place outside. In homeless camps, there were services. Everywhere the nation was gathered to worship and pray. This scene was repeated in every town and hamlet that we passed during the day.”

(photo from gainusa.org)

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