Satellite Image of Babylon

Satellite image of Babylon

Because of the popularity of our post, Babylon Today (with over 8,000 hits!) I thought I should post a satellite image. Click on the image for a larger view.

I also found some interesting photos and drawings about Babylon on Flickr while I was researching for this post.

Does anyone know if that is an artificial hill next to Babylon? If so, I assume Saddam Hussein might have built it and the mansion on the top. Let me know if you know anything about this area.

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2 responses to “Satellite Image of Babylon

  1. I was a soldier stationed in Baghdad in 2003/04. I had the privilage of travelling to Babylon once. The hill is a palace built by Saddam. When we were there nobody was ocupying it. It was looted and completely empty. Very interesting to walk through the original ruins. American’s occupied the base at the time. Had lunch on the river.

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