Meeting With the King

If you are a believer, I urge you to give your relationship with God priority in your life.

I highly recommend What’s Your God Language? by Dr. Myra Perrine as a tool to help you grow in your love and trust in God, your Creator and King.

This poem paints a beautiful picture of what fellowship with God can be:

“In this secluded place I meet a King.
He comes alone to drink reality
With me. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we sit
And sip a life that passes by the crowd.
An inwardness is born—a felted thing
Of power—a commonality—of grace
A union where unmended hopes are knit
Where silence roars as quiet sings aloud.
Oh Christ, I love it here! It is our place.
Speak Lord or not. Touch me or not. Show then
Your will or bid me wait in patient grace.
Fill all my hungry need with joy again.
With simple loaves of bread and chaliced wine
Heaven, earth, and all of God are mine.”

Quoted by Dr. Perrine from Richard Foster, Celebration of Discipline, on page xv of her book.

What do you think?

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