Joel Rosenberg interview on CNN

Joel Rosenberg was interviewed for one hour on CNN recently in light of his most recent book release, Dead Heat. The interview is broken into five segments. The video here on this post is segment one. Click here to find all five videos. Look for parts 1 to 5 under related videos in the sidebar. (For instance, PT.3-5 Glenn Beck, Joel Rosenberg…)

Joel is knowledgeable about Biblical prophecies and the political scene, particularly in the Middle East. His first two fiction books spent many weeks on the New York Times bestseller list partly because his books seemed to foreshadow the September 11th attacks, the War in Iraq over weapons of mass destruction, and other events.

This CNN interview talks about the rise of Babylon, an alliance between Russia and Iran, the building of the third temple in Jerusalem, and more. You can read another post about Joel’s books on The Sovereign.

Joel grew up in a Jewish home and became a follower of Jesus, his Messiah. Joel was involved with Campus Crusade as a university student and was actually a friend of a friend of ours.

You might also be interested in Joel’s blog or his official website for more insights on political developments and how they relate to Bible prophecy.

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