Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

We enjoyed the movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. We hope you have a chance to go soon if you have not gone yet. We suspect it will not be in theaters for very long.

The movie is about the suppression by academia and the media of any anti-evolutionary research and opinions. We have studied this issue ourselves and can recommend this movie.

Please see the movie if you would like to know more about:
• The link of evolutionism to atheism
• How putting evolution into practice led to the Holocaust
• Evidence that scientists and journalists who question Darwinism (or who are even just willing to grant the freedom of open debate) lose their jobs and/or are ostracized

Whether or not you agree with us that God created the universe in the recent past, we should still have the freedom of expression and exploration of this topic in America. Adamant suppression actually hurts scientific advancement.


What do you think?

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