A Jubilee

I decided a few days ago to have my own version of a Sabbath Rest. Every seven years, the Hebrews were to allow the land to rest. On the fiftieth year, the Jubilee, slaves were freed and all debts canceled.

I could use a rest and the freedom that goes with it! I have such a backlog of paperwork and other things to do that it is impossible to catch up, so I am starting over.

I spent a good part of 2007 tossing things out from various closets and am now mostly left with unfinished paperwork. And yet, I felt chained when I looked at all the things that were left undone.

Now that I have a Jubilee mindset, each day for the last few days, I have gone into various areas of the house where paper is stashed and cleaned them out to what is only a few weeks old. I am giving myself the freedom to have a fresh, new start for 2008.

My goal will be to have the stray piles of stuff gone by the end of the year, as well as some new good habits to keep things under control so I am managing myself well. I am expecting to be freed from pressing and nagging to do’s. I am hoping to have more time for what I really want to be doing. I may even think about doing this again in seven years.

What do you think?

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