Babylon Today

In Revelation, Babylon is described as a prosperous city, which God will destroy in one day (See Revelation 18 and other passages.)

According to an email I received, the ancient site of Babylon looks like this right now:

Ruins of ancient Babylon in the Middle East

You can see a satellite image of Babylon by looking south of Baghdad and just north of Al Hillah on Google Maps. It is easiest to start at Al Hillah and follow the river north or go to this new post.

Some of what you see in this photo was restored by archaeologists, but Saddam Hussein just built on top of historical sites. Hussein likened himself to Nebuchaddnezzar and was rebuilding Bablylon.

How could this place become a major, bustling city as prophesied in Revelation 18? The recent growth of Dubai gives us insight into this question. See the tremendous growth and luxury of Dubai at this Slide show of Dubai. The idea here is that it would not necessarily take very long for Babylon to become a major urban center.

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15 responses to “Babylon Today

  1. I would like to say that I think that the Babylon that shall be destroyed is not the old Babylon, which was destroyed already.
    This mystery Babylon is very complex, is a commercial and shipping and banking centre in the world. There are also some reliogious centres or temples in Babylon. However, because of the merchants mentioned in the Bible, Babylon is a trading centre, dealing with all nations of the World. It is the home of the AntiChrist.

    The Anti Christ is a ruler, or recognised as such and will be a world King and ruler. So that removes the suggestion that Babylon is in Iraq. This Babylon is a centre of Satanism, Occultism as well as sorceries. It is called Mystery Babylon, to mean only the wise will identify it accurately, one day.

    I humbly submit this short comment.
    Jay Cee.

  2. so true, and such a great site to visit, because I believe that this immoral land that we call home will somehow surface as Babylon! But thank God that Jesus died for our sins, and we shall dwell in new Jerusalem

  3. I just stumbled across this website trying to figure out what some information was referring to when they mentioned Babylon. I’m actually doing research on terrorism and when it began, why and so forth. It’s for my degree. Anyway, saved this site, pretty awesome information, thanks,

    • Melissa,

      Thanks! I have more in my head than time to write it down, so thank you for encouraging me to keep blogging. Your research sounds interesting!

      • Extremely interesting that some seem to think Babylon is America. I don’t agree. I think America will be destroyed (or at least most of it) already by a nuke or something else (EMP), so I think Saudi Arabia/Iraq is Babylon, but I am not an expert.

        God gave me a vision back in 2008 for America when I was on my knees crying about knowing who Obama really was. I KNEW HE WAS AN EVIL MAN as the Holy Spirit warned me over and over again to NOT look into his eyes at any time on TV, so I have not. GOD brought me HIGH in the sky, over the major cities in America and showed me the chaos, destruction and civil war going on. I asked Him if it was raining and He told me it was American blood flowing deep in the streets and that Americans were killing each other AND THAT this President just elected would be responsible for it. I was horrified. I didn’t expect this to happen that fast, but the uprisings against the Police and white people in this country is beginning and will get worse, but then it will become very bad when white people begin to push back. I pray that God not allow this division and that by divine providence, He will intervene on our behalf. But, GOD gives us visions for a reason and it will come to pass, so my family has prepared for the inevitable with security, food, etc.. I never thought I’d see the day that America would call evil, good and good, evil, but that IS what is happening.

        GREAT web page. Please add more info 😉

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  5. Jay Cee: Hmm, you seem to be assuming that the relevant portions of Revelation will be fulfilled within the next few years. If the time is still decades — or for all we really know, centuries — away, one could imagine many scenarios in which Babylon again becomes a major trading center.

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