One Gift, Many Blessings

I paused on my way to the mailbox to chat with my neighbor, Cathy. She, and three family members, were clearing out their garage.

“Would you be interested in a table?” she asked, pointing to a squat, red-and-white plastic table.

“I know a few families with young kids,” I suggested as I examined a minor crack in the Legos table top. “My boys loved Legos when they were little. You wouldn’t throw this out would you?”

“Oh yes, I would,” Cathy smiled.

I hesitated. I had a very busy three weeks ahead of me.

“Well, help me bring it over to my house. I’ll see what I can do,” I offered.

I cleaned up the table and sent two e-mails.

One friend, Helen, wrote, “I’ll ask the Wagners if they would like the table.” Their son, Matthew, a young boy with ADHD, recently showed an interest in Legos.

We don’t live near these families, but we “happened” to be in their area about 24 hours later. I dropped the table off and another friend, Martha, took it to the family’s house. As it turns out, the next day was Matthew’s birthday. Another family knew about the table and bought a Lego set to take to the party.

What may have looked like a hassle turned into a blessing! Instead of one family enjoying a toy and then throwing it out, more than six people were blessed! God promises we reap more than we sow!

Cathy is blessed for giving the table to another family. Helen, Martha, and I are blessed for getting the table over to the new family. Little Gabe and his family are blessed for buying a Lego set for Matthew to use on his new table. Matthew and his family are obviously blessed with the table and with Matthew’s new interest in Legos.

What do you think?

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